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What's with the ads inside the threads?

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  • Eh, everyone appears to be cashing in while there's still something left. I hope y'all appreciate the $$ they ponied up on your behalf for the cost of bandwidth over the years.
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    • Sounds like what happens to me sometimes when opening forums or topics on my phone.
      It's a Hoosier thing, you wouldn't understand...


      • Originally posted by Gateway Fan View Post
        Just an FYI, last night I opened the website on my iPAD and received a full page popup ad that I had to close before I was able to view any content on the website. It appeared as though it was a post on the board, not just a typical popup.
        Those have been particularly bad for me the past 2 days. Freaked me out at first, wasn’t sure what happened.

        iPhone 8.


        • Those full-page ads are called "Vignettes":

          Mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads

          We just turned those off. Let us know if they persist, and thanks for the feedback

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          • "Sledges" might be a more appropriate term...
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