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Hide facebook and twitter icons to reduce row height?

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  • Hide facebook and twitter icons to reduce row height?

    Is it possible to hide the facebook and twitter icons under the poster's avatar to reduce the row height of posts? And any margin setting or whatever causes it? A single line reply is about the same size as a 10-line one, and the initial topic post is even bigger.

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    I ran across some text on doing just that as I was trying to fix several other items.

    Maybe we need to prioritize:

    1) smileys (we know what to do; just need an hour or so to do it.
    2) Fix "Like" button; unknown
    3) Create "TF Classic" style; 3,4, 6 hours?
    4) Sort out New Posts / Today's Posts / New Topics buttons on navbars, add to mobile style; unknown
    5) Flip domain on TrackForum.COM; setup new email server; make sure everything is pathed correctly to FTP; two / three days
    6) Troubleshoot some users not being able to login in; unknown
    7) Why can't some users see "Style Chooser" menu?; unknown
    8) "Ignore" not working?
    9) What else?
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