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Spending other people's money...

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  • Spending other people's money...

    ...and telling them what to do.

    It seems that every couple of weeks, someone wants to read the White Paper, TG's first announcement of the league, his reply to the boycott in the Star, etc.

    Is there anyway we could have a permanent link on the TF boards to these documents so that the dead horse kicking could be done more efficiently?

    I was thinking that there was a good 'history of the split' link around here, but I couldn't easily call it up and doubt the new members could find it either.

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    We can do that. Good suggestion Grover, it would be a service to the members, and might just mitigate a lot of unnecessary arguments. Sorry I didn't see this sooner!

    Please post any such referemces and links here, but please obey all copyright laws.
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      It seems that almost every topic, sooner or later, boils down to a rehash of items that have been posted earlier on multiple threads (usually by the same posters). I was going to suggest a new forum titled "Dead Horse" which would be similar in nature to the "Racing Biz / Splitzville". Once a topic reached a point where it was repetitive of previous topics it would go there.



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        www.openwheelnews.com - go to the history link - lots of that stuff there


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          I was going to post a link to a goofy fake website called deadhorse. com. Bad idea. It's real
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