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A most unlikely find and an unbelievable price

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  • A most unlikely find and an unbelievable price

    I still don't believe what I came across recently. I was at a small, out of the way dirt track here in the Midwest for their weekly show. After buying a ticket for a lone Jackson I spotted a small stand run by an older gentleman selling cars and flags, among other things run. He had for sale some die cast sprint cars, a couple of 1/18 Minichamps and a version of the 1969 STP winning Hawk.

    I stopped to browse briefly and assumed the Hawk was the Replicarz resin version, which I already had. Upon further examination, I discovered it was actually an ERTL die cast that originally came through (I think) Franklin Mint. It had the original stand but no box. It also had a exceptionally low price tag that caused me to snap the car up right away.

    I walked away with the die cast model of my favorite Indy winner for yet another LONE JACKSON. That's right, for the cost of a race ticket I'm the proud owner of a ERTL Mario Andretti STP 1969 Indy winner, a car I've wanted for years but hard to find and even harder to cough up what some want for it.

    I guess it was my lucky day!!!
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    That's awesome! I literally have dreams like that. Cool find!
    I ride tandem/with the random/Things don't run the way I planned them.
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      Wow!! Score!! That was a great find!


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        I found a 1970's era Hungness Indy 500 yearbook at a "last chance before the landfill" Goodwill Outlet. Got it for a quarter.

        I was dropping stuff off at another Goodwill and the guy in front of me set down a box of books with 78-79 Autocourse Yearbook sitting on top. I asked if he would mind if I took it. He said go for it. Got that one for free.


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