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    Originally posted by Truth Detector View Post
    I bought this board game years ago but know nothing about it.

    Too late to tell them the cars shouldn't have been turning right?
    Live like Dave


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      Originally posted by KevMcNJ View Post

      Too late to tell them the cars shouldn't have been turning right?
      I thought you would have pointed out that the flagman is about to meet his maker.
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        Pat Vidan was quick on his feet.

        He'll be fine
        Live like Dave


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          I got no collections.
          Only memories.
          I use to watch races from Gardena with Dick Lane on the mike---Whoa Nelly!
          My dad received a yearly pass from Les Richter for RIR---he gave it to us...
          I use to get grinders from D'Elias and take them to turn 6 at RIR...
          Then the bastards turned it into a a mall.
          Then my baby bro loaded us in his truck pulling the 5th wheel to Phoenix and Vegas...
          Gawd we had fun...
          But one day, in Las Vegas. I decided that I did not care anymore, and I walked away...
          I think I have an ashtray, of RIR, with the old turn 9, but I am not sure...
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            Does anyone have any info about this Midget race car? It’s about 6 inches long and 3 inches tall. I think it’s bronze. Kinda heavy for its size. Excellent condition. My uncle found it at a car part swap meet years ago. There’s a slot in the bottom that looks like it’s been filled in with some sort of epoxy. We thought it might have been a trophy topper. Pics to follow….


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              You do not have permission to view this gallery.
              This gallery has 3 photos.


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                Books. Racing books. Lots of them.

                All of the Hungness yearbooks, some in bits and pieces but complete. Some autographed.

                Working on Autocourse, very slowly. They show up in used book stores sometimes.

                When nothing is on TV, I always have a racing book. Probably no one will want them when I pass, but I enjoy them.
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                  In the process of building 16x8 slot car track (good thing I bought the wood before the price hike). Currently setup as an oval and 1/8 scale drag strip. Vintage HO-1:64 cars and new AFX and AW. Big diecast collector of 1:18, 1:24 and 1:64 of Indycar, NASCAR and Mopars.
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                    Originally posted by Jamski View Post
                    Books. Racing books.

                    All of the Hungness yearbooks, some in bits and pieces but complete. Some autographed.
                    I like buying the old programs and yearbooks at IMS on Saturdays before the 500.

                    I brought one home and found Jimmy Clark.had signed it.

                    Another has Tom Carnegies autograph inside.

                    I'm not an autograph hound but that's just cool.
                    Live like Dave


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