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  • Test
    by doitagain
    03-12-2019, 12:36 PM
  • Cruise Ship Desserts
    by doitagain
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    03-12-2019, 12:36 PM
  • irloyal's thread on the Mistakes at Las Vegas
    by irloyal
    Ok folks, I’m going to do this one time as its own thread. I did not mean to hijack threads in the past, I just think that the Las Vegas incident was a very sad and poorly handled situation that has profoundly impacted the IICS, and I want to answer some of the questions that I have raised related to Las Vegas.

    1 – Life lesson learned.
    Automobile racing is a very dangerous sport, at ALL levels. Big Boy (and Girl) racing even more so. Every time the participants strap on a...
    07-12-2012, 07:41 PM
  • Well, I had a fabulous Sunday at the track
    by shakespeare
    Well, I had a fabulous Sunday at the track. Got hooked up with suite tickets at pit out, and access to the official Indycar Paddock (the catered suite). I was also allowed in the pits and on the track. I arrived by 9:30, and was walking outsde the fence on my way to the credentials suite to pick up my ticket, when I saw three of the 2-seater Indycar come roaring past--then Arie looped it. As he tried to get going again he stalled it. I ran into him at the Indycar Paddock. He was very nice. ...
    07-10-2012, 05:09 AM
  • Rahal bus trip from IMS: Observations
    by Liz
    My daughter and I did the one day trip. No complaints, it was a great experience. We left at 6 sharp, arrived about two hours before the race was supposed to start which meant we had to hustle a bit to stand in line to get the paddock passes, but no big deal. There was a bit of uncertainty about when the bus was leaving because of the rain, but we only left about 40 minutes late and that was because of the traffic, our bus driver said. Not really any concert fans I guess, but no one wanted to...
    06-17-2012, 02:42 PM
  • The View From The Hairpin - 2011 IZOD IndyCar Series
    by thehairpin
    Ganassi - 4 (Franchitti, Dixon, Rahal, Kimball)
    Andretti Autosport - 4 (M. Andretti, Patrick, Hunter-Reay, Conway)
    Penske - 3 (Power, Castroneves, Briscoe)
    KV Racing Technology - 2 (Viso, Sato)
    Dreyer & Reinbold - 2 (Wilson, Baguette?) Matos an extreme longshot for 2nd car
    Coyne - 2 (Plowman, Lloyd/Bourdais)
    Conquest - 2 (Tracy, Vernay) Baguette and Saavedra are backup/rideshare options
    FAZZT - 1 (Tagliani) Panther - 1 (...
    02-06-2011, 09:49 PM