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My position


  • My position

    I have no "position" within this sport. I'm only a guy who has been a fan for 58 years. I love Indy and OWR. Recently I've been critical of many things related to the sport, and especially of the people who have taken it downhill. Many who support the present series, especially the younger ones, have been upset and annoyed by what they perceive as my constant criticism. I've been told to go away, to drop dead, to forfeit my Indy tickets, and just to generally shut up.

    I've been called a hater and a curmudgeon, a detractor and an impediment to the "progress" of the sport. I'd like to state that I love this thing - that it has been a rite of spring in my family for decades. My children and grandchildren have been attending races for 3 decades and more. I have introduced dozens, maybe hundreds, of people to Indy and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars at Indy and other tracks over the years. My home is filled with Indy memorabilia. I put up a Christmas tree in May and have a party for 30 or 40 people every year on the eve of Indy weekend. We had a family dog named Indy.

    My position is this:
    If the chefs who control the fare at our favorite restaurant continually turn Kobe beef into hash, dilute and destroy our favorite dishes, and don't seem to care that the clientele is declining, then it is not only our right, but our duty to speak up. If we are willing to eat whatever slop comes out of the kitchen, then there is no hope that the menu will improve. What is the motive for improvement if everyone just accepts whatever comes down the chute? If the new crowd and the old regulars just keep lapping it up, what's to keep the restaurant from substituting chopped liver for Kobe beef in the hash?

    I assure you that I have no wish to see IICS or IMS fail. It would be the end of a very long and enjoyable tradition that I have loved and shared for most of my life. All things old and honored are not necessarily bad. It seems to me sometimes that anything invented more than 15 minutes ago is disparaged by a new generation who take pleasure in dispising the old things, without realizing that those old and time-honored values are what laid the basis for what they are now enjoying and supporting. I guess there is no such thing as "time-honored" tradition anymore. I believe that long-term success depends on having both roots and wings. Wings are necessary to achieve new heights and assure future success. But roots are also essential to steady that growth and mark the progress. How can we possibly know where we are unless we respect where we've been?

    Perhaps I've been harsh in some of my assessments. I think we are all capable of going overboard when we see our values trampled. I just hate to see good things ruined by the very people in charge of setting clear directions - people who have been close enough to the roots and who should know better. I've never been critical of a driver, a sponsor, or a team. These are the people who have provided the blood, sweat, and tears of Indy's success. The greatness and the dedication of today's teams is still strong. The leadership has failed, not the participants.

    No, I don't hate this thing. I love it enough to know that it can be better, and the road to success is not just in the flapping of wings, but also in the respect for the roots. The principle applies to a sport, a science, a family, or a nation. OWR has the makings for continued greatness, and I'm going to keep prodding, criticizing, carping, and cajoling until those in leadership positions make it what it can be.

    • DBK927
      DBK927 commented
      Editing a comment
      As a 45 year follower of open wheel racing, I feel your pain.
      I was on the CART/CC side of the split, so no need to mention my hatred toward the personnel involved with the other series.
      I've now decided to move on, and give this new series a chance in order for my passion for the sport to continue.
      Yes, I have concerns, but I'm trying to remain optomistic.:approved:
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